pastoral STAFF

Redemption Power Church has a bold and radical vision achieved through genuine, Apostolic Government. Many churches have governmental structures that were contrived from denominational hierarchies with no resemblance to the New Testament pattern. Apostle C.T. Hanchey is the Founder and Overseer and has delegated pastoral responsibility to a select few who have proven themselves worthy of the shepherd's staff.  Integrity, maturity, and a spirit of unselfish sacrifice are just a few of the vital benchmarks that distinguish authentic ministry from the carnal boards and political ecclesiastical cartels that have hijacked many churches today. These men serve with honor and understand Kingdom Authority.


Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables. Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

Acts 6:2-4


    Pastor Eric Butler serves as the Administrative Pastor and has led our Intercessory Prayer for years.  This is one of the most valuable ministries at Redemption Power Church.  Serving in the military during Desert Storm, he understands how to war in the spirit. He has utilized his military background to serve the Kingdom of God by example of strength, integrity and an understanding of Kingdom order.  He brings his counseling experience from his secular job to Redemption Power Church and blesses the Kingdom.

    Janice serves as Apostle C.T. & First Lady's personal administrator and was ordained by Apostle C.T. Hanchey to serve in a Teaching capacity. She applies her knowledge of administration and finances obtained from her experience in banking to Redemption Power Church and is currently pursuing her Psychology degree.

  • PAstor MOses & angela perkins

    Pastor Moses Perkins and his wife, Angela, serve as Education Administrators over our Children's Ministry. He has a tremendous burden for children and understands from firsthand experience they can rise above whatever pain or shame that labels them or limits them and EMPOWER them to walk into the Destiny and Purpose of God.

    Angela is very attentive to First Lady and to those Redemption Power Church members she helps to encourage. Her passion to help those in need is evident in her choice of occupation as a teacher to children with special needs.  She can always be depended upon, but her greatest trait is her loyalty.


    Pastor Bruce Rollins is over Redemption Power Church's Outreach  Ministry.  He finds ways the Redemption Power Church family can go outside the four walls and make a positive impact by meeting the needs of those in our community.  He has earned the respect of those he leads by being an example of loyalty and stability.  He has become a successful business owner and entrepreneur by applying Apostle C.T. Hanchey's teachings to his life.

    Renee, being a cancer survivor, knows the importance of having a compassionate spirit and willingness to comfort the hurting.


    Pastor Arvin Vielman and his wife, Alisa, serve as youth pastors at Redemption Power Church. Their passion to help teens overcome the struggles they face in the difficult teenage years and find a Kingdom Purpose is evident in their teaching approach. Using their testimonies of what God delivered them from in their past, they have led many to Freedom and to the Cross.  They maintain a spirit of excellence in all they do and this can be seen in the promotional videos, as well as the videoed announcements.

    Alisa serves as First Lady's Personal Assistant and her Armor Bearer. She is a constant encourager and her organizational, in-the-details skills are valued greatly in assisting First Lady. Not only does she assist her with Redemption Power Church, but with The Team Seth Foundation and Special Olympics tasks as well.

  • grace Pastor DAnny goree

    Grace Pastor Danny Goree is in the 'proving process' to become an ordained pastor.  Danny serves as Apostle C.T. Hanchey's personal body guard and he oversees the Redemption Power Church Security Team. His true strength is his faithfulness in all things.